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Tat Hong - Load Controls Systems Pte Ltd (LCS) was incorporated in 1996 under Tat Hong Holdings Ltd and has established ourselves to providing prompt and quality services to meet the safety standard of Heavy Equipment, Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas Industry

Load Controls Systems - Load Controls Systems Pte Ltd has become one of the most active provider on Solutions for load monitoring systems in the ASEAN region with experienced service team who can be mobilize within short notice to meet our customer requirement.



Load Controls Systems Pte Ltd carries a wide range of products and exclusive distributor rights of world renowned brands providing solutions to load testing for vessel cranes, safe load indicator systems for heavy equipment, sales and rental of load cell and water bags, anchor winch tensioning system, crane load view camera monitoring system and excavator indicator system.+ More

1) Module Weighing - LCS has the range of compressive loadcell (50Te, 100Te & 300Te) and display unit with valid calibration certificate to conduct Module Weighing Test for the client who wants to define the C.G. ( Center of Gravity) of the module platform.


2) Rental of Loadcell - LCS has the range of tension loadcell in terms of 12.5T, 25T, 35T, 50T, 100T, 175T, & 300T to rent out to customer who wants to use it for their Load Test on the Lifting Machines and Lifting Gears. LCS also provide rental for the range of Compressive Loadcell with Display Unit to customer who wants to conduct their Module Weighing Test.


3) Rental of Water Bag / Lifeboat Bags - LCS has the fleet of waterbags (5T, 10T, 12.5T, 20T, 35T & 50T) for rental to customer who wants to conduct the load test on their lifting machines or lifting gears. Apart from above, LCS also has the fleet of Lifeboat Bags of up to 15,000Kg capacity for customer who wants to rent their Lifeboat Launching Test.


4) Rental of Steel Weight / Shackles / Master Link - LCS has up to 120 Te steel weight with various lifting gears and we provide rental to customer to use it for the load test of their lifting machines and lifting gears.


5) After Sales Service & Support - LCS has always put important emphasis of the after-sales service to those customers who installed the Wylie Safe Load Indicator System, Brosa Excavator LMI System, Anchor Winch Load Tension & Pay-In/Pay-Out Counter System, and we always provide the services when the systems broken down due to wear and tear after lengthy period of time or modification required due to add-on special features of the lifting machine required at special project.